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Protégé Rose offers "full circle" teaching experiences. We provide musical instruction to inquiring students that cultivate quality musical practices and lasting life experiences. Our professionally run music lessons foster good mental health practices which encourages each student to continue to learn and grow in their craft and to maintain positive mindsets while doing so.

Protégé Rose LLC started with a single instructor who had the desire to pour back into students who had a desire to learn. While teaching, our founder found it especially necessary to connect with students on a deeper level. Being heavily involved in the mental health field, our founder's mission became prioritizing the mental health of the student. At Protégé Rose, we pride ourselves in showing care for the overall well being of students of all ages. Our students' mental health matters to us first- and is vital in their performance life.

Lessons with Protégé Rose are like no other. 

From timid buds to blossoming artists: Protégé Rose nurtures confident musicians.

Life's melody awaits: Protégé Rose, where well-being takes center stage. 


While music can have wonderful benefits for mental and emotional well-being, our music teachers are passionate instructors, not licensed medical or mental health professionals. Their expertise lies in guiding you on your musical journey, not providing healthcare diagnoses or treatment.


If you're experiencing significant mental or emotional health challenges, we encourage you to seek professional help from qualified specialists.

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